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Snack Connection in Top 250 Scale-Ups 2017

Monday 30 January 2017

Snack Connection is part of the Top 250 Scale-ups 2017. The Top 250 Scale-ups is based on the ScaleUp Dashboard, which is an annual research into Dutch scale-ups conducted by the Rotterdam School of Management (RSM).

The ScaleUp Dashboard is the first list that truly takes into account and measures all companies in the Netherlands with more than 10 FTE. There are more lists about scale-ups available, but those give limited insights because companies have to register themselves or the lists are focused on specific sectors. Insight in which companies truly belong to the Top of scale-ups is missing and that is what Rotterdam School of Management hopes to achieve by creating and launching this Top 250 Scale-ups (Top 250 Groeibedrijven) – of over 3000 scale-ups – in the Netherlands.

Criteria Top 250 Scale-ups 2017

  1. Companies are supposed to be economically active on January 1st, 2012
  2. Minimum of 10 FTE and/or €5 million in revenue
  3. In three consecutive years the company needs to grow with a minimum of 20% each year in revenue and/or FTE

The Top 250 realized the most growth over the period. The Top 10 is based on the nett job creation in this period. The Top 250 Scale-ups 2017 can be recognized on- and offline by the use of this icon:

Top 10 Scale-ups 2017

1. Rituals
2. Royal Reesink
3. Coolblue
5. Optiver
6. Adyen
7. Van Ameyde
8. Conclusion FIT
9. Group of Butchers
10. Fondel

Read more about the Top 250 Scale-ups at: